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HR Service Delivery

What Is It And Why Does Your Business Need It?


What Is Human Resources Service Delivery?

Human Resources (HR) Service Delivery encompasses the services a company provides its employees across the entire employee lifecycle. This includes recruitment and hiring, onboarding and development, payroll and benefits, and departure or retirement. A modern HR Service Delivery system puts HR solutions and resources at employees’ fingertips, empowering staff to be actively engaged in human resources processes. 

What Is ServiceNow HR Service Delivery? 

ServiceNow HR Service Delivery is one of the core products within ServiceNow’s Employee Workflows solutions. The application uses intelligent workflows to streamline and improve the employee service experience, as well as HR management.

With ServiceNow HR Service Delivery, businesses can offer employees access to a single platform to manage their work needs and can empower every department to efficiently and effectively support its staff. The ServiceNow HR module also brings efficiency to employee transitions, such as onboarding and offboarding, across an entire enterprise. 



Why Does Your Business Need ServiceNow HR Service Delivery?

The Human Resources Department is responsible for the management and development of a company’s most valuable resource: its people. Traditionally, HR refers to operations and logistics for managing employees such as hiring, payroll, benefits, leave requests, and protecting employment law. But in the modern workplace, HR is also responsible for curating and upholding work culture, boosting employee morale, and advocating for employee growth and development. 

If your enterprise is currently using outdated HR systems like clunky spreadsheets and hard-copy handbooks, you are doing a disservice to both your HR team and your employees, especially if the majority of your company is working remotely.  

Say, for example, an employee is interested in taking parental leave next quarter. They know your company offers parental leave, but they’re not sure how much time is available to them, when they need to submit their request, or how the leave may impact their pay or benefits. To find the answers to these questions, they have to dig through dense and extensive documentation and end up with more questions than they started: Who exactly do I submit my request to? Do I need to notify colleagues? When will my leave be approved? 

They reach out to the HR department by email but they know it will likely be weeks before they get an answer because the HR team is always slammed. Your employee has not even started their leave paperwork and they are already frustrated and turned off by the process ahead. 


With ServiceNow HR Service Delivery in place, you could have saved your parent-to-be employee and your HR department time and headache. The employee could have simply logged onto their Employee Service Center, been directed to the exact knowledge article they were looking for with the help of the Virtual Agent, and submitted their leave request within the same session. 

On the HR side of the house, intelligent workflows would have automatically processed the leave request and notified all relevant departments. Instead of fielding complex leave questions and filing paperwork, your HR representatives can use their time to put together a departure gift for your expecting employee, advancing the family-friendly work culture that your company is so proud of. 

A powerful, effective, and supportive human resources department is essential for building a successful and competitive enterprise. Bring your HR solutions up-to-speed with the modern age by adopting ServiceNow’s HR Service Delivery application and improving your employee’s service experience. 


Watch how Glidefast Consulting helped Northeastern University safely return to campus leveraging ServiceNow’s Safe Workplace Applications.



The Benefits Of ServiceNow HR Service Delivery

ServiceNow HR Service Delivery is designed with the employee in mind. By simplifying complex human resources tools and processes, HR Service Delivery empowers staff to self-serve and leverages automation to improve HR productivity. 

With ServiceNow HR Service Delivery You Can

Human Resources In ServiceNow


What Is ServiceNow's Safe Workplace?

ServiceNow’s Safe Workplace is a suite of applications designed to help enterprises safely return to the workplace. With Safe Workplace, companies can assess workforce and workplace readiness while prioritizing employee health and safety. The application suite includes Safe Workplace Dashboard, Employee Readiness Surveys, Workplace Safety Management, Employee Health Screening, Workplace PPE Inventory Management, and more. 

ServiceNow Return To Work Apps In Action


ServiceNow HR Service Delivery Applications To Implement For Your Business 

How exactly can ServiceNow HR Service Delivery support your human resources operations? Let’s take a look at a few of ServiceNow’s HR Service Delivery applications and learn how they can improve the employee experience. 

Employee Service Center

From submitting a request for annual leave to reviewing complex health care plans, employees have a lot of HR needs. To bring efficiency to human resources operations, it’s important to have one HR portal where employees can easily find what they’re looking for from any device.

What Is ServiceNow Employee Service Center?

ServiceNow Employee Service Center provides employees with a one-stop-shop for all things HR. The unified single portal allows employees to manage their HR needs, such as completing onboarding tasks, submitting HR requests, updating their employee profile, connecting with live agents, and browsing HR knowledge bases and catalogs. The platform can also be configured to meet business needs so your employees can easily access what they are looking for.

Benefits Of ServiceNow Employee Service Center

Human Resources Portal In ServiceNow


Enterprise Onboarding And Transitions


How can you best support an employee through every phase of their career with your enterprise? How can you best integrate a new hire onto your team and ensure all departments provide them the technology and orientation they need to get started? How do you track and close loose ends when an employee retires? The answer is in ServiceNow Enterprise Onboarding and Transitions.

What Is ServiceNow Enterprise Onboarding And Transitions?

ServiceNow Enterprise Onboarding and Transitions makes it easy to automate employee lifecycle events that span across departments such as onboarding, promotions, transitions, leave, and offboarding. The intelligent no-code lifecycle event builder allows for simple configuration of digital workflows, giving companies full control of transition processes. With mobile onboarding, new hires can easily complete HR tasks, view content, and get support anytime, anywhere. Powerful analytics and dashboards offer real-time data and visibility into onboarding volume via location and department.

Benefits Of ServiceNow Enterprise Onboarding And Transitions

Employee Document Management

Managing a lot of employees means managing a lot of paperwork. Between payroll, benefits, background checks, security clearances, and more, managing employee documentation can quickly become an overwhelming and unorganized hassle. 

What Is ServiceNow Employee Document Management?

ServiceNow Employee Document Management is a cloud-based, secure solution for managing employee paperwork. ServiceNow Employee Document Management provides storage space, a filing system, and the ability to easily retrieve documents. Set retention rules to adhere to corporate and legal regulations and customize permissions to easily protect sensitive documents.

Benefits Of ServiceNow Employee Document Management

HR Case And Knowledge Management

Case management refers to the documentation, monitoring, execution, and analysis of an issue solution or request of service. Knowledge management is the process of creating, sharing, using, and managing a company’s knowledge and information. Knowledge management is a multidisciplinary approach to reaching your company goals by leveraging the power of open information. Combined in the framework of human resources, Case and Knowledge Management is a powerful tool for improving an employee’s HR experience. 

What Is ServiceNow Case And Knowledge Management?

In HR Service Delivery, ServiceNow Case and Knowledge Management allow companies to standardize the documentation, interaction, and fulfillment of employee requests and inquiries. 

In HR Case Management, features like bulk case creation and visual taskboards allow for efficient resolution of employee issues. Employees can use the Employee Service Center to open a case themselves or cases can be created by an HR representative. 

With HR Knowledge Management, the HR department can create a searchable knowledge base of HR policies and procedures, enabling employees to find answers to their questions in a few simple clicks. 

Benefits Of ServiceNow Case And Knowledge Management

What is Knowledge Management?


Virtual Agent

A virtual agent is an automated online customer service representative. Using artificial intelligence (AI), a virtual agent offers customers a conversational interaction that quickly and intelligently addresses their needs and answers their questions. 

What Is ServiceNow Virtual Agent?

Within HR Service Delivery, ServiceNow Virtual Agent delivers personalized and meaningful employee service that is truly useful. Employing natural-language understanding (NLU), ServiceNow HR Virtual Agent is an enterprise chatbot that gives employees the in-person user experience they’re hoping for without the cost to staff a service desk. If a request requires more attention, the employee can request a live HR agent at any time. 

Benefits Of ServiceNow Virtual Agent:

Performance Analytics

Performance analytics can offer enterprises incredible insights into company success, shortfalls, and value. Using business data, performance analytics measures key performance indicators (KPIs) to track the performance of a job function over time. With this information, businesses can make informed decisions to progress toward key objectives and goals.  

What Is ServiceNow Performance Analytics For HR Service Delivery?

ServiceNow Performance Analytics for HR Service Delivery measures key performance indicators to track the performance of human resources operations over time. The easy-to-use, integrated application comes with pre-defined, best practice dashboards, and KPIs for HR service delivery. Through the platform, a company can access and visualize real-time trends and drill into key performance results. By leveraging ServiceNow Performance Analytics, enterprises can deliver proactive human resource services that will reduce inefficiencies and boost employee satisfaction.

Benefits Of ServiceNow Performance Analytics For HR Service Delivery:

Performance Analytics In ServiceNow



 The ServiceNow FastTrack Recruiting application is a configurable applicant tracking system built on the ServiceNow platform and by the GlideFast Consulting team. This powerful product allows HR and recruiting teams to manage the entire lifecycle of applicant tracking, from the job description to hire. 
fast-track-logo-01 (2).png

Features Of FastTrack Recruiting

FastTrack Recruiting In ServiceNow


Choose An Elite Partner For Your ServiceNow HR Service Delivery Implementation

Are you ready to take your company’s HR Service Delivery to new heights? 

Partner with our team of experts to modernize your HR solutions and start strengthening your employee-company relationships, improving HR department efficiency, and boosting employee satisfaction. Our expert team of developers and architects have unique perspectives and skillsets when it comes to implementing, integrating, and managing a ServiceNow HR Service Delivery solution that will transform your business.