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Security Operations Management

What Is It And Why Does Your Business Need It?


What Is Security Operations?

Security Operations, commonly known as SecOps, facilitates the collaboration of IT Security and IT Operations teams and processes to keep systems and data secure while also reducing threats to a business. All too often, these two teams operate in silos resulting in inefficient processes and challenge — and gaping holes for security hackers to enter your business’ systems. SecOps seeks to resolve these issues and bring continuity between these departments. 

What Is ServiceNow SecOps? 

ServiceNow Security Operations cohesively brings together security and operations tools that are typically separate – Threat Intelligence Platform, Endpoint Detection and Response, Security Information and Event Management, and Vulnerability Management Platform. With ServiceNow SecOps, the data between these sources can be integrated with one another and users can leverage existing ServiceNow data and processes to remediate vulnerability or handle security incidents.

Security Operations (SecOps) in ServiceNow


Why Does Your Business Need ServiceNow SecOps?

Let’s say your organization is faced with a cyber attack. Without ServiceNow SecOps, it takes 197 days on average for an enterprise to even recognize that a security breach has occurred. Once the attack is detected, it takes an average of 69 days for the breach to be contained. That means it could take your organization more than 1 year to mitigate a cyber attack.  What’s the hold up?

Without a modern and innovative solution powered by automation, security and IT operations, teams are typically operating separately from one another and use systems like spreadsheets and email which can hide and silo relevant data. 


With ServiceNow SecOps, however, threat detection and containment are accelerated. The security team and IT operations team operate inside one platform – ServiceNow. Data is visible to both parties and ServiceNow SecOps automates the natural connection between the two departments. Users have full visibility to their security posture and can easily identify and tackle threats and prevent them from occurring in the future. 


The Benefits of ServiceNow Security Operations

ServiceNow Security Operations uses intelligent workflows, automation, and a deep connection with your IT environment to prioritize and resolve threats to your organization.

With ServiceNow Security Operations you can:

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Security Incident Response

Security incident response is a set of protocols that an enterprise can use to identify, contain, and prevent cyberattacks. Having a security incident response plan in place makes an organization more resilient in the face of security threats.  

What is ServiceNow Security Incident Response?

ServiceNow Security Incident Response is a security orchestration and automation response (SOAR) solution that simplifies the identification of critical incidents and provides workflow and automation tools to accelerate remediation. Leveraging data from existing SIEM, Security Incident Response can automatically create prioritized security incidents. Organizations can customize security workflow templates to automate tasks and ensure company best practices are followed. The application leverages your ServiceNow CMDB to map security incidents to business services and IT infrastructure which enables prioritization of incident queues based on business impact.

Benefits Of Security Incident Response 

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Vulnerability Response

Vulnerability management is the process of identifying, assessing, and addressing security vulnerabilities in systems and their corresponding software. Vulnerability management or vulnerability response is critical to prioritizing cyber threats to your enterprise. 

What is ServiceNow Vulnerability Response?

ServiceNow Vulnerability Response imports and automatically groups vulnerable items according to rules, expediting the vulnerability remediation process. Vulnerability data is derived from both internal and external sources, such as the National Vulnerability Database (NVD). With the application, organizations can create change requests and security incidents using vulnerability groups to remediate issues and mitigate risk. Vulnerability Response provides a comprehensive view of all vulnerabilities affecting a chosen asset or service through integration with ServiceNow CMDB.

Benefits Of Vulnerability Response

Threat Intelligence

Threat intelligence, also known as cyber threat intelligence, is a security team’s evidence-based knowledge of cyber threats and threat actors to its organization. Sources for cyber intelligence include open-source intelligence, social media intelligence, human intelligence, or technical intelligence.

What is ServiceNow Threat Intelligence?

ServiceNow Threat Intelligence enables users to find indicators of compromise (IoC) and enrich security incidents with threat intelligence data. The application allows users to access and provide points of reference for an organization’s Structured Threat Information Expression (STIX™) data. STIX is a language for describing cyber threat information in a standardized and structured manner. Using STIX data, threat professionals can use shared cyber threat information to isolate and address threats.

Benefits of Threat Intelligence

posed by targeted campaigns or state actors using Security Case Management

Performance Analytics can offer enterprises detailed insights into company success, shortfalls, and value. Using business data, performance analytics measures key performance indicators (KPIs) to track the progress and results of a job function over time. With this information, businesses can make informed decisions to work toward achieving key objectives and goals.

What is ServiceNow Performance Analytics for Security Operations?

ServiceNow Performance Analytics for SecOps is an easy-to-use, integrated application designed for reporting and analyzing security operations performance and effectiveness. The application provides instant insight into current data as well as trends over time with responsive and interactive dashboards. With over sixty predefined, best-practice KPIs and OOB dashboards for security operations processes, the application is an incredible resource for SecOps teams.

Benefits Of Performance Analytics for Security Operations

Implementation Services for ServiceNow Security Operations

It’s time to unite your IT Security and IT Operations teams. Leverage the power of ServiceNow SecOps to overcome threats and vulnerabilities securely and more efficiently.  

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Partner with our team of experts to modernize your SecOps solutions, intelligently mitigate risk, and launch a secure digital transformation. Our developers and architects have unique perspectives and skillsets when it comes to implementing, integrating, and managing a ServiceNow Security Operations solution that will transform your organization.