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Change Enablement / OCM

Tackling the human aspect of change

Every ServiceNow project shares a common denominator: they affect and influence processes and technology that shape daily tasks and the overarching objectives of individuals and teams in your organization and beyond. We're equipped to pinpoint and deploy the necessary resources to tackle resistance, empower your teams, and ensure the successful adoption of any of your ServiceNow initiatives. Even the most advanced technical solution can fall short if stakeholders aren't on board.

Consider Change Enablement Services if any of these apply

  • Our culture values tradition and legacy
  • We are new to the ServiceNow Platform
  • Previous processes and practices did not exist, were not formalized, or varied between teams
  • This project will bring significant change to the daily work of individuals or teams within our organization
  • We need partnership from multiple groups within our organization to ensure success
  • ServiceNow is part of a larger transformational roadmap for our organization
  • A past ServiceNow implementation was not received well

Who will Benefit?

  • Individuals and teams encountering new or substantially altered processes within our organization.
  • This endeavor will enhance our company's capacity for interdepartmental collaboration.
  • Our organizational culture places importance on tradition and legacy.
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Overcome Common Challenges and Opportunities

  1. Cultivate Champions & Sponsors

  2. Facilitate and Empower Cross-Silo Collaboration for Teams

  3. Establishing Governance & Support Frameworks

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Why Choose GlideFast?

Expanding Beyond Communication:

Although communication planning and delivery are vital aspects of our Change Enablement / OCM practice, our holistic approach extends to encompass comprehensive governance, training, UAT, go-live, and support planning. Our offerings enhance both implementations and advisory services by adding value across the board.
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Benefits Of Change Enablement

  1. Obtain clear communication instructions for upcoming changes at all organizational levels

  2. Identify valuable internal and external roles and resources for implementation and beyond

  3. Empowerment of teams to work together across silos

  4. Transition from a legacy system

Glidefast swiftly grasped our vision and needs, showcasing an unparalleled level of thoroughness and attention to detail in OCM that surpasses anyone I've encountered in my career.

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