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Government services at the speed of life.

Citizens expect fast and efficient service, even when interacting with government departments. FastGov provides a digital, consumer-like experience through a single destination for government information and requests. FastGov is powered by ServiceNow’s industry-leading Customer Service Management (CSM) application in order for government organizations to modernize citizen services and allow easy access to resources through customized self-service portals. 

Benefits of AgileGenius

Streamline government services

 Help citizens get what they need easily and efficiently

 Increase citizen satisfaction


 Improve delivery time and service quality.

 Automate tasks, approvals, document generations, and eligibility validations 


 Improve service quality.

"On average, a citizen call costs the IRS $41. When those calls can be replaced by automation tools, the average cost is $0.22."

Michael Lin, IRS Chief, 2018

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