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Manage relationships with contacts and nurture them into customers

CRM Pro is a customer relationship management application that helps organizations develop and track leads and drive sales directly in the NOW platform. The custom application allows sales teams to easily manage their relationships with contacts and nurture them into customers.

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Benefits of CRM Pro

Seamlessly access and review all data related to customer deals and activities

 Easily manage and track the sales cycle and activities around the sales cycle.

 Track expenses and the ROI of won deals

 Save money by avoiding multiple licenses and additional add-ons.

 Centralize contact information for all client accounts 

 Rid clunky integrations and bring an important function of your business into ServiceNow

There is minimal insight and alignment within sales teams and across other departments in an organization. However, seamlessly onboarding new customers and maintaining those relationships is crucial to an organization’s success. CRM Pro will give your sales team a leg up with its reporting and dashboards to help you turn your prospects into customers faster.

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