Why Invest In ServiceNow: Exponential Market Growth

Lauren Jankowski | October 1, 2018


ServiceNow is a cloud computing company that has grown 45% in Q2.  It is one of the fastest growing software-as-a-service companies.

The company has a $10 billion annual revenue goal.  This may seem like a stretch, but ServiceNow has made $631 million in revenue in one quarter and its expanded product portfolio is showing a strong uptake. In addition, ServiceNow was named the #1 most innovative company in the world in 2018.  The infographic demonstrates how ServiceNow is producing revenue for not only itself but for its customers as well.


ServiceNow understands that IT transformations occur when IT and the business work cohesively towards common goals.  The platform simplifies a business’ infrastructure, identifies scalable fulfillment models, and drives an automation-first mentality.  The company keeps up with technological innovations and advances that will continue to support current and future business demands.

Learn more about ServiceNow’s revenue growth since going public in this Forbes article: ServiceNow Dreams Of $10 Billion As Digital Transformation Spikes Revenue 45%

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