Proactively Protect Your Organization with PhishBait

An automated phishing email simulator built entirely in and for ServiceNow that allows companies to send fake phishing campaigns and identify high-risk users.

How It Works

PhishBait allows companies to automate fake phishing campaigns and report on user click trends by nearly any user data point. The application will automatically send out a fake phishing email to specific users on the configured execution date from a “fake” email account. If a user clicks the link, ServiceNow will automatically log the click in the database. This process provides valuable insight to management regarding which areas of the business need training on spotting and avoiding phishing emails.

Top Features

Built entirely in and for ServiceNow.

Unlimited Emails

Create unlimited fake phishing email campaigns and target specific users, groups and departments


Customize fake email subjects, body’s and senders

User-Friendly Dashboard

OOB dashboard with reports on who clicked by user, department, title, quarter and campaign


Automatic logging of user click trends in ServiceNow

Insightful Analytics

Gain insight into which areas of the business need information security training around avoiding phishing emails


No system requirements. All functionality within the application is compatible with the core platform.


Compatible with Istanbul, Jakarta, and Kingston

Don’t get caught in a data breach.

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