IntelligentQueue is a seamless interface that simplifies task management by merging ServiceNow approvals, incidents, and other workable tasks into a single prioritized queue.

How It Works

Using a recommendation engine, IntelligentQueue presents one task at a time and allows users to accept, reject, or defer tasks. IntelligentQueue provides synchronous communication for teams and allows managers to easily identify complex or cross-functional tasks on the verge of SLA breaches. Managers can also generate useful insights on task status and employee productivity in order to decide which employees need additional training. The application turns front line decisions into actionable insights for managers.

Instead of users asking themselves, “What do I work on next?”, they can now ask themselves, “Can I work on this?”. IntelligentQueue simplifies the process user experience and improves service desk productivity.

Key Features

Built entirely in and for ServiceNow.


Complete Service Desk tasks in one location (say goodbye to multiple lists!)

Task Management

Easily accept, reject, or defer tasks


Proactively identify tasks that are likely to become SLA breaches


Route tasks to the the right resources faster


Reduce bounce rate

Work Flow Management

Improve flow of work through an organization

Time Management

Reduce wasted time reevaluating work

Strength Assessment

Identifies individual technicians’ strengths and weaknesses for training purposes

Business Challenges

IntelligentQueue Will Help Provide Effective Solutions

  • I want to find out if a ticket is at risk of SLA breach before it gets there.
  • I want my team to spend less time looking at tickets and more time working and solving tickets.
  • My teams spend too much time checking multiple work queues.
  • We have tickets that “slip through the cracks,” negatively impacting our SLAs.
  • I want to know what work my team is struggling with so I can better help and train them.

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