Art of the Implementation ServiceNow Experts

A Successful Implementation Starts with Identifying The Artists (ServiceNow Experts)

Mike Lombardo | August 16, 2018


The Sistine Chapel took 4 years to paint.

The Statue of David took 2 years to create.

And Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Now we’re not saying a ServiceNow implementation project should take years to complete, but it requires the expert-level skills and dedication of true artists to create a masterpiece. That’s why it’s crucial to work with true ServiceNow artists who are dedicated to their craft. They have the technical expertise and real-world experience to deliver exceptional solutions and a ServiceNow environment that is tested, efficient, and scalable. In this blog post, we’ll explore what it takes to be a ServiceNow artist and the type of people you will want to hire for your Now Platform™ implementation project.

How To Identify A ServiceNow Artist

As you’re vetting ServiceNow experts to join your implementation team, there are several skill sets they need to have. Just about anyone can pick up a paintbrush, it takes a true artist with knowledge and experience to turn a blank canvas into a masterpiece.

An expert ServiceNow implementation artists will have the following skill sets and qualities:

  • They understand the technical and the process sides of the platform and your business.
  • They have the correct and updated ServiceNow certifications.
  • They have real-world experience — as a consultant and as a customer.
  • They identify solutions and guide the project according to best practices.
  • They actually collaborate.
  • They don’t offer over-customized solutions. They stay as close to out-of-the-box (OOB) as possible during an implementation.

The difference between good and great ServiceNow artist is their deep expertise and willingness to collaborate. A ServiceNow artist is collaborative on their projects. They don’t simply take requirements and work in a silo. Instead, their communication is open and consistent with clients. A strong ServiceNow artist actually challenges a client’s business processes, recommends improved solutions, and bases their recommendations on ServiceNow best practices.

The ServiceNow Artists You Want To Work With

Of course, to implement ServiceNow, you’ll need more than one person on the project. As you plan an implementation, it’s critical to work with a certified and experienced partner to help lead the project. The consultants on the partner team will be familiar with implementation pitfalls and best practices so they will be able to guide you away from avoidable risks. The implementation partner can provide the full team you need for your implementation, including administrators, developers, architects, business process consultants, and project managers.

These are the functions of each role on the implementation project:

  • Administrators should have knowledge of user administration, reading system logs, navigating all areas of the platform, and a basic understanding of platform configuration (business rules, client scripts, UI policies, etc.)
  • Developers should have scripting experience and a solid understanding of ServiceNow configurations with business rules, client scripts, script includes, and system properties. Developers should be familiar with configuration best practices to ensure the appropriate method is used to meet a requirement.
  • Architects should have in-depth knowledge of how applications relate within ServiceNow. Architects should also be familiar with the different APIs provided by ServiceNow methods of integration to other external systems.
  • Business process consultants should lead the business process analysis efforts from data gathering, requirements analysis, demonstrations, workshops, documenting meeting results, proposing design options and recommendations, documenting functional design specifications, working with technical developers/administrators, testing solutions, training, preparing for Go Live, and providing post-production support.
  • Project managers should be able to manage the full systems of development lifecycle from requirements gathering through coding, testing, and implementation. The project manager is responsible for all aspects of project delivery and solution delivery.

Are you planning a ServiceNow implementation and not sure where to start? We put together a step-by-step checklist to guide you through the before, during, and after of a successful implementation. Access your free download here.

Successful ServiceNow implementation checklist

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